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How On Time Ambulance “instills a culture of safety” using StreetEagle

A longstanding customer of ours, On Time Ambulance, has just posted an informative and enthusiastic blog entry describing how they’ve created a company-wide culture of safety within their organization, in part through the driver behavior data they collect using the StreetEagle Pro software platform.

InSight is honored to have On Time as a customer, and nothing makes us more excited than when we see organizations apply the data they are gathering through the system and leverage it to create efficiencies and boost company morale. On Time is a shining example of how driver behavior monitoring technology can be used to generate positive change, and motivate drivers to maintain optimum safety standards for the good of the entire organization.

In fact, On Time has been so successful with their own, home-grown driver safety program called “Silence is Golden” (a.k.a. “Tone it Down”) that in 2016 they received the 2016 OEMS Outstanding EMS Safety Award for the state of New Jersey. We congratulate On Time for this impressive achievement, and are honored to have been able to contribute to their admirable mission to “identify, improve upon, and strive to eliminate any unsafe driving whatsoever.”

On Time’s post includes a brief video that shows StreetEagle’s audible in-cab alerts in action, notifying drivers when they are violating company standards for speeding, hard braking and aggressive cornering. It’s gratifying to have played a small part in On Time’s success in making safety a company-wide priority, but it’s even more gratifying to know that On Time’s committed EMS crews, and their customers, will be the beneficiaries of the safest and most efficient level of service possible for a long time to come.

To learn more about how On Time has used StreetEagle to achieve remarkable improvements in company-wide driver safety performance, download their success story.