Objections to Electronic Forms: “Integration Will Be A Nightmare”

Years ago, everyone had to deal with the difficulties that came with trying to integrate their business technology. After purchasing one piece of hardware, they had to figure out how to get it to talk with another piece of hardware. When it came to computers, there was processing speed and memory capacity to worry about. Making things more difficult, expensive proprietary software was specifically designed to run on certain systems and not others. Technology integration was a nightmare.

Now, the software you need to implement a mobility solution is designed for use on multiple platforms. Whether you use Windows or Apple computers, and iOS or Android tablets, integration will be fast and easy.

Because the cost of mobile and office hardware has decreased over the years while the compatibility between hardware, software, and mobile devices has improved, the cost of implementation has never been lower. Additionally, there is no software to buy that must be repurchased and upgraded every year.

Working with a single, end-to-end solution provider helps ensure that your costs are even lower because you don’t need to pay multiple vendors or hire a consultant to set up your complicated hardware and software integration.