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Panel discussion concludes that “wait and see” time for ELD compliance has passed


When panelists met at the FTR Transportation Conference in Indianapolis last week, some warnings were sounded for those who haven’t yet complied with the FMCSA’s ELD mandate – specifically regarding issues like driver retention, customer expectations, and device availability.


Carrier Safety Consultant Annette Sandberg spoke to key concerns regarding the compliance deadline. Now that all legislation challenges for postponement of the mandate have been denied, carriers who have deferred implementation are scrambling to comply – which is creating device availability concerns for both carriers and providers. Additionally, the FMCSA’s requirement for providers to self-certify and register their ELD, has allowed non-compliant devices to flood the market and unfortunately carriers are finding this out the hard way – post installation.


One of the panelists (Steve Wuttke of Prime Inc.) said that “along with selecting and installing compliant devices, there’s also an education process that takes time and money… and then there’s the driver turnover that’s going to follow. There’s going to be a huge learning curve. It just won’t happen overnight.”


Read more about the panel’s discussion of the coming challenges for “ELD footdraggers” here.

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