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FMSCA offering FREE webcast on benefits of compliance

Tune in on January 31 from 2:30-4:30 EST

For fleets and organizations that may be affected by the FMSCA’s mandate for utilizing electronic logbooks to keep track of hours of service, an upcoming free webcast being held this Sunday, January 31 may be of interest.

The bill signed into law on December 4 of last year included “Beyond compliance” directives to require the FMSCA to devise and implement an incentive system for carriers who do one or a combination of the following:

  • install advanced safety equipment,
  • use enhanced driver fitness measures,
  • adopt fleet safety management tools, technologies and programs,
  • or satisfy an as-yet-unspecified set of other “standards determined appropriate by the Administrator”

Just what measures will be rewarded — and what the rewards themselves will be — were not specified by the law and are in part the reason for the agency’s listening sessions: It wants to hear from carriers, drivers and others in the industry about what measures should count as “beyond compliance” and what the incentives/rewards may look like.

To register for the free webcast, follow this link.

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