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The Value of Mobility for Your Service Business

“When I think of mobility, I think of concepts and themes like engagement, empowerment, transparency, insights, and value. If these words don’t come to mind, I think you are missing out on the value of what mobile can mean for your service business.”

Those words are from Aly Pinder, who’s been researching and writing about field service and technology for many years with the Aberdeen Group. Pinder recently wrote an excellent article here about how embracing mobile technology has become a necessity for organizations with mobile workforces. He writes convincingly about how mobile technology isn’t about the latest gadgets or fears over security: it’s about providing outstanding customer experiences, and giving your mobile workers the tools they need to consistently deliver on service promises. A strategic vision for choosing, deploying and utilizing mobile technology will lead to critical benefits not just for your customers, but for your employees as well.

For more of Pinder’s knowledgeable perspective on the importance of mobile technology and its impact on field service, read the full article here