Independently-operated. Employee-owned. Customer-driven.

Founded in 1998, InSight Mobile Data is an independent, employee-owned technology company dedicated to one thing: providing real-time visibility into the mobile work environment. We’ve made decisions over 15 years to remain independent, because it allows us to preserve our uniquely close relationship with our customers. We’re accountable to them, and to our own high standards of innovation and customer service.

What does that mean for you?

Here’s what you can expect when you partner with us to manage your mission-critical vehicles and equipment:

If you don’t feel like you’re getting value from our system, we’ll take it out - no binding multi-year contracts. We’re confident enough in the ability of our service to meet (or exceed) your expectations that we’re willing to take ownership for it if we fail. Why should you continue to pay for a service that isn’t providing the return you expected?
We’ve been helping businesses to leverage technology to manage their mobile assets for over 15 years – almost as long as these solutions have been available. And, the buck stops with us – not with parent companies, third parties or investor boards. We’re 100% invested in our customers’ success.
No one does business standing still any more – wherever you are, you need access to your mission-critical data. Our solutions are designed to go where you go, and work on the devices you take with you – laptops, smartphones and tablets. Learn More
Our customers have learned to rely on us for the constant uptime of our software and hardware, and the integrity of the data we provide. Learn More
"One size fits all" simply doesn’t work when it comes to fleet and asset management, because every organization’s standards, metrics and regulations are different. That’s why we offer our customers access to our web services API, customized reports and software solutions, integration with dispatch and work order applications, and implementation services for a smooth roll-out. Learn More
We don’t throw you into an electronic queue or route your call overseas if you need our help. Our customer care and technical support teams are talented, personable and available to you if you need them. Our customers enjoy access to real employees’ names and numbers – at InSight Mobile Data, it’s how we’ve always done business. Learn More
If you’re interested in our service and want to try it with your mobile assets, we’ll let you do that for up to 60 days before making a decision to buy. Even if you’re a customer and decide our service isn’t right for you, we’ll let you keep the GPS hardware to use with another system. That’s unheard of in this industry, but we’re committed to treating folks fairly – whether they decide to partner with us, or not.
Because the priorities and parameters of your business are always changing, you need a mobile data solutions partner that is able to grow and adapt to shifting requirements. Our customizable software, integration services and extensive line of additional products and services – such as barcoding, onboard navigation or equipment sensors – mean that InSight Mobile Data has the technical development experience to tackle any asset management challenge.