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InSight is committed to innovation. We are constantly improving and adding to the fully integrated and configurable StreetEagle Tracking Solutions platform to maximize our customers’ ROI.

Keep checking this page for newly available features and additions, developed in response to the changing needs of organizations managing mobile workforces.

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Multiple vehicle histories – plotted on the same map? Unlike many fleet management software solutions can deliver it, StreetEagle is able to plot multiple vehicle histories on the same map, at the same time. Perfect for comparing routes, checking driving efficiency and identifying places for improvement in the busy workday – with one view of the screen.

InSight Mobile Data has partnered with Verigo Inc., the company that first brought electronic driver logs to market back in 2006, to provide a completely paperless, automated and compliant way for your drivers to electronically submit both Hours of Service and vehicle inspection data. Learn More

The StreetEagle mobile app has been totally redesigned and improved to include capabilities far beyond basic location and tracking features. Optimized for any device and available in both Android and iOS versions, the StreetEagle Mobile App displays detailed activity histories, driver identification and statuses, vehicle functions like PTO on/off and analog temperature readings, and of course, real-time locations and activities of all vehicles and assets.

The efficiencies gained from mobile workers accessing and communicating job-specific data via a smartphone or tablet result in a vastly improved experience for both your customers and your employees. StreetEagle offers a complete, secure set of mobility tools designed to transform the way your mobile and office workers share information. Learn More

With one of the most extensive reports libraries in the industry, it's no surprise that our customers have often requested an easier way to build and manage reports. We've responded with a newly designed, more intuitive reports module. The new interface employs a wizard-like interface and step users through the selection, building, and scheduling of reports – making it much easier for both veterans and first-timers to focus on the data that’s most important to running their business.

Coming Soon

We're adding several new tools and enhancements to our map interface, including a more streamlined and user-friendly UI, statistical clustering, and improved data layer management.

StreetEagle will soon include the ability to integrate with WEX fuel data for increased flexibility and power when it comes to managing and measuring fuel costs and consumption.

Driven by customer demand, this new Excel-based data integration interface will allow users to import, export and manage data right within the StreetEagle platform.