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Auto Tracking Devices

Auto tracking devices for vehicles provide many benefits to businesses and organizations that depend on mobile workforces. The largest advantage is certainly the ability to track company vehicles in real time. Knowing when and where vehicles are can help reduce operating costs and unnecessary vehicle usage, leading to proper use of company equipment and, in turn, increased productivity.

While many of our competitors offer only the ability to track the whereabouts of vehicles, we at InSight USA have developed several tracking options. The combination of sophisticated hardware with our intuitive StreetEagle software provides many functions above and beyond a typical global positioning system. For instance, you can track when the vehicle is idling to reduce unnecessary fuel consumption. The virtual time clock feature makes it possible to confirm hours worked by your employees.

StreetEagle also gives you the ability to print out maps leading from your company’s headquarters to virtually any destination. Providing your employees with the most efficient routes can also go a long way towards improving efficiency. It’s even possible to customize StreetEagle with important landmarks and unique graphics to ensure everything is labeled in a clear and concise manner.

We have a wide range of hardware choices for our customers and provide a variety of service plans to fit your organization or company’s needs, from as little as one vehicle to 100 or more. These include subscription plans for smaller businesses lacking expensive computer hardware, or the Enterprise Solution for companies with their own servers. Explore our website to learn more about our auto tracking devices, software, and services, or contact us for more information.

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