Glossary of Terms

Automatic Vehicle Location Systems

Automatic vehicle location systems are suited to any organization or business that relies on a mobile workforce. Limousine companies, waste management services, law enforcement agencies, and public transportation departments can all benefit from automobile tracking devices. We at InSight USA provide the hardware and software necessary to monitor these and many more vehicles.

While limousine companies may deal with upscale clientele, they’re not impervious to problems. Common troubles include excessive fuel costs, late pick-ups or drop-offs, and excessive idling. With the combination of our provided hardware and software, you can work towards eliminating these problems. Our StreetEagle software can tell you in real-time where a vehicle is located, its driving speed, and whether or not it’s idling.

The same problems can also plague private security businesses, along with employees who venture outside of their designated patrol zones. With StreetEagle’s GeoFencing feature, you can assign regions where certain vehicles are to remain. If they venture outside of these chosen areas, StreetEagle will notify you via text message or email. This is not only useful to determine when employees are using vehicles for personal use, but also to alert you to any potential problems.

We have developed vehicle tracking solutions specifically for limousine and private security businesses along with marine and delivery companies. We can also tailor our products and services to your needs, whether your fleet is limited to a solitary automobile or if you want added control over an unlimited number of vehicles. Contact us today for more information from one of our helpful InSight USA representatives.

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