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Automobile Tracking Devices

Here at InSight USA, companies in need of vehicle tracking services have a number of equipment options to choose from. Available hardware includes our affordable StreetEagle VTU, the StreetEagle Passive (for those who desire tracking history instead of real-time data) and the rugged Pinpoint CDMA for aggressive applications. Supported networks include CDMA 1XRTT, GPRS, GSM, IDEN, and InmarsatC, allowing each of our customers to choose the products that best meet their company’s needs.

Used in conjunction with our hardware is our StreetEagle software. The two work seamlessly together to solve an assortment of problems inherent to mobile workforces. These hurdles include but are not limited to inefficient use of company time, improper use of company vehicles, and excessive fuel and maintenance costs. Furthermore, while other GPS systems claim they’re “real-time,” most update only once every 15 minutes.

On the other hand, we at InSight USA have created a variety of service plans to suit a wide range of needs. Some update every 10 minutes, while others update more frequently at every two or five minutes. Some can be configured to update every few seconds if that’s what you need. For more detailed information, peruse the comparison charts located elsewhere on this website. These outline our many different service plans and make it possible to compare features and options.

For the answer to a specific query, don’t hesitate to contact us for more detailed information. While we have developed a number of plans suited to specific businesses and organizations (public transportation, law enforcement, waste management, etc.) InSight USA can tailor our products and services to help increase your organization or business’s productivity and profitability.

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