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AVL Devices

The AVL devices and service plans available here at InSight USA can help improve efficiency within a delivery business in a number of ways. First and foremost is the ability to track precisely where your fleet of vehicles is located and exactly what they’re doing. Other similar services provide updated information once every 15 minutes. We have plans that update every few minutes or every few seconds–it’s up to you.

Even if you want to track the whereabouts of 100 vehicles, our StreetEagle software allows you to do this effortlessly. Our intuitive software was designed with a low learning curve. Within the first day you’ll be able to navigate the program easily to view the current locations of your fleet along with their statuses and speeds. Zooming in on the maps will not reduce quality, and you can customize vehicle icons and pinpoint locations for quick reference.

In addition to these features, StreetEagle incorporates sophisticated routing capabilities. This makes it possible to direct your drivers towards the most efficient and cost-effective delivery routes. Since maps reside on your computers and can be displayed without a high-speed internet connection, it’s quick and easy to present drivers with step-by-step directions before they leave.

While customized plans are available here at InSight USA, we also created a unique tracking solution designed specifically for delivery applications. We focused our attention on the distinct problems that hinder such companies and developed a package that addresses these specific issues. Missed deliveries, inaccurate timesheets, and excessive fuel consumption are just a few of the hurdles your business can overcome. To learn more, we encourage you to contact us and an Insight USA representative will provide you with additional information.

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