Glossary of Terms

AVL Fleet Management

AVL fleet management is crucial to any organization or business with a mobile workforce. The ability to track the locations of your vehicles and to monitor a variety of important details can help improve day-to-day operations dramatically. This doesn’t necessarily apply to those with hundreds of vehicles; even small companies can benefit from AVL technology.

Equipping vehicles with the required software and hardware to track their movements may seem like an expensive undertaking, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. We at InSight USA have made this process both affordable and uncomplicated. We not only provide the software and servers necessary to view such detailed information, but we also offer the hardware to create and transmit the data as well.

For smaller companies, our subscription plan was created. This makes it possible to begin tracking your employees without a major investment in new technology. Instead, pay a low monthly fee and use our servers. Once StreetEagle is loaded onto your existing computers, you can view real-time and archived data over the Internet. If your established company has its own servers, an Enterprise solution with the software installed on-site is also available.

When it comes to hardware, we also have many options to choose from. These include affordably priced models to GPS-enabled cell phones. You can even choose to purchase the hardware outright or take advantage of our lease plan. Since no two companies’ needs will be the same, we encourage you to contact us for more information. Our helpful and knowledgeable employees can help guide you towards the appropriate hardware and subscription plan that’s best suited to your business.

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