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AVL Fleet Tracking

Whether your mobile workforce consists of a single vehicle or 100, fuel consumption is one of the most damaging factors to your company’s profitability. Fortunately, there are ways to intelligently reduce the amount of gas your employees use on a daily basis. Our StreetEagle software works with GPS technology to reveal the employees who aren’t as conservative with their fuel as they could be.

StreetEagle is loaded on your computers and connects to our servers to bring up this data on your screen. Although most GPS systems only track your vehicles’ locations once every 15 minutes, our systems update much more frequently and look at more than position. Furthermore, in addition to the StreetEagle software, we at InSight USA also provide the hardware needed to transmit this information, as well as the services required to host the data.

This combination of GPS tracking hardware and our StreetEagle software allows you to track a vehicle’s location in real-time, it’s rate of speed, whether it’s idling or turned off when stopped, and its route history. With this data, it should be clear where you can make improvements. For instance, if employees regularly leave their vehicles idling, implementing a rule to turn them off can go a long way towards reducing fuel costs.

Also, StreetEagle’s routing capabilities can show you the most efficient routes your employees can take. Combine this with the software’s GeoFencing feature, and you can ensure that your employees stick to their assigned routes. However, these are only a few ways that StreetEagle can be used to help cut operating expenses. For more information, we encourage you to contact us at InSight USA to learn more.

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