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AVL GPS Tracking

We at InSight USA have everything a company needs to track its mobile workforce and view highly detailed information on its day-to-day activity. Providing such data to our customers requires a combination of hardware, our StreetEagle software, and servers for hosting the data received. However, perhaps the most important piece of this puzzle is the GPS tracking hardware itself.

Without the GPS tracking hardware, it would be impossible to view information about your company’s vehicles while they’re out making deliveries, chauffeuring customers, or protecting the city’s streets. But there’s no one solution for all industries. Variables that dictate which GPS tracking unit is ideal include cost, location, and type of wireless network as well. Since we stock a wide range of units, finding one that’s right for your organization or businesses’ needs is easy.

The StreetEagle VTU, Sierra Wireless MP555, and Pinpoint CDMA all use the CDMA 1XRTT wireless network to transmit information. This network is available in most regions throughout the United States. For those utilizing GSM/GPRS, we carry the Enfora Spider MT-G and Enfora Spider MTG-X. Furthermore, we also carry a passive StreetEagle unit for companies who don’t require real-time data, and GPS-enabled cell phones for tracking employees instead of vehicles.

To ensure our products and services are an option for companies of all sizes, we give our customers the option of purchasing these GPS tracking units outright or taking advantage of our lease program. In terms of software, our Enterprise solution is available for companies with their own servers, although most will find our subscription plan where we host the data is preferable. But since no two situations are the same, we ask that you contact us to request more specific information on our vehicle tracking products and services.

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