Glossary of Terms

AVL Systems

While automatic vehicle location (AVL) systems do utilize GPS technology, the two are not one and the same. AVL systems work with GPS satellites to determine a vehicle’s location. This information is then transmitted (usually via a cellular network) from a receiver inside of the vehicle to its destination. Depending on the update frequency, this process is repeated roughly every fifteen minutes, or much sooner in many public safety applications.

Industries that benefit from AVL technology include the aforementioned public safety services (police, ambulance, fire departments, etc.), waste management companies, and delivery services, among many others. However, such technology is not exclusive to only those businesses and organizations with extensive mobile workforces. AVL is affordable enough for virtually any company that needs to keep track of its employees.

We at InSight USA have developed a wide range of AVL plans that feature a combination of hardware and our StreetEagle software. In addition to tracking your mobile employees, you can work towards improving efficiency and increasing your profits. Two of StreetEagle’s many features to help you achieve this include the ability to map the most cost-effective routes and the capacity to see when vehicles are idling when they should be shut off.

For small companies, the idea of investing in AVL technology is certainly daunting. However, we’ve developed a Pilot Program that will diminish any trepidation you may be feeling. For a minimal fee, you can test drive our Pilot Program on one vehicle for up to two months. To learn more about this plan or any of our other products or services, don’t hesitate to contact us to request more information.

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