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AVL Tracking

Automatic vehicle location (AVL) can provide many industries with a wealth of data on their mobile workforces. Today, law enforcement agencies, delivery services, waste management organizations, and public transportation services all use and benefit from AVL tracking. However, AVL technology is not only for the businesses and organizations with fleets of vehicles totaling 100 or more.

We at InSight USA have created cost-effective AVL service plans for companies large and small. With a combination of hardware and our StreetEagle software, you can keep track of your fleet’s day-to-day activity and view real-time vehicle locations, stop/idle status, speed, and much more. StreetEagle can even work towards eliminating excessive fuel consumption and unnecessary overtime, leading to increased profits.

The necessary hardware is installed under the dashboard or behind a seat inside of each vehicle in your fleet. Once installed, it doesn’t have to be touched again; the unit will transmit data wirelessly via the CDMA 1XRTT, GPRS, GSM, IDEN, or InmarsatC networks. If an employee ventures outside of your coverage area, the unit will record data and send it once the signal has been restored. Then, the data can be viewed and assessed with the StreetEagle software.

Along with a variety of vehicle tracking units, you will also find Nextel GPS enabled phones here as well. These phones integrate seamlessly with the StreetEagle software, allowing you to track your employees instead of their vehicles. However, with so many products and service plans to choose from, we encourage you to contact us for more information on how InSight USA can help improve efficiency and profitability within your business.

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