Glossary of Terms

AVL Vehicle Tracking

The StreetEagle AVL tracking software works in conjunction with GPS tracking devices (installed in each of a fleet’s vehicles) and wireless networks for transmission of the data. Once the information reaches its destination, it can be displayed and analyzed using our StreetEagle software. From the program, you can view large, colorful and highly detailed Microsoft MapPoint maps and keep track of your mobile workforce.

In StreetEagle, you can choose to view in real-time all of your company’s vehicles at once, or select individual vehicles when you need to track specific movements. Small popup “balloons” indicate the status of displayed vehicles, instantly informing you of where a vehicle is heading and how fast, or where a vehicle is parked. It’s also possible to customize the appearances of these vehicles on the map; you’re by no means limited to our stock graphics.

With a mobile workforce, some occasions might require you to step back in time to research a vehicle’s past movements. StreetEagle’s replay function will playback a day’s events with the option of tracking certain vehicles instead of others. Following a route is made easy with helpful arrows that guide you along a vehicle’s path, and popup balloons display when and where the vehicle was parked and subsequently started again.

When you subscribe to one of our many service plans, vehicle history is archived for a minimum of six months. We can store this data longer on request, or you have the option of purchasing our Enterprise plan and storing the data indefinitely on your own servers. For additional help, visit our Information Request page to determine which plan would be best suited to your company’s existing infrastructure and budget.

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