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Car Tracking Devices

We at InSight USA provide an array of GPS hardware tracking options to companies utilizing mobile workforces. While some are produced by third-party manufacturers, we have developed our own unit under the StreetEagle brand name: the StreetEagle VTU, or vehicle tracking unit. Designed as a mid-range GPS tracking solution for small-to-medium-sized businesses, the StreetEagle VTU perfectly balances performance with price.

The StreetEagle VTU uses the all-digital CDMA 1XRTT network for wireless data transmission, which is available in most regions throughout the United States. Unlike other units that update only once every 15 minutes, the StreetEagle VTU can be configured to update as frequently as every 30 seconds. The device also features a crash box data recorder that will record 10 minutes of information (stored at two-second intervals) leading up to the moment of impact.

Power is sent to an installed StreetEagle VTU from the vehicle’s battery, but only when the vehicle is turned on–the lack of a stand-by mode eliminates unnecessary power drain. The device also features three discrete inputs for gathering information on three specific events. These may include monitoring a delivery truck’s rear hydraulic lift, a police car’s siren, a panic button, and so on.

This model is available for purchase or for lease here at InSight USA. Regardless of which payment plan is right for your budget, you will receive a limited lifetime warranty ensuring protection even after thousands of miles logged. For more in-depth information, please fill out the form found on the Information Request page and tell us about your company. We have an array of subscription plans available to suit virtually any application and price point.

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