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Car Tracking Systems

In an industry where class and sophistication are of the utmost importance, a GPS tracking unit must never compromise these standards. With one of the many GPS units available here at InSight USA, you can preserve your company’s elegance without brushing problems to the wayside. And in the limousine industry, there are many hurdles to contend with on a daily basis.

Most damaging to a limo company’s reputation is the late pick-up or drop-off. By integrating GPS tracking units into your vehicles, you can track an assortment of details about your fleet and ensure that everything is operating according to plan. One way to achieve this is with our StreetEagle software and its Arrival and Departure reports. Simply add customer data to the program’s database and it will record when the driver first arrived for pick-up and when drop-off occurred.

Detrimental to your company’s bottom line are excessive fuel consumption and vehicle idling. In StreetEagle, you can follow graphical representations of your vehicles in real-time and view where they’re located, how long they’ve been parked if stationary, and their speed when they’re traveling. With that information, you can take the necessary steps to reduce or eliminate idling when vehicles should be turned off.

Knowing that you have other business to attend to, StreetEagle was designed to alert you of critical events. For instance, in the limousine industry, you will want to eliminate any speeding for the obvious safety reasons. StreetEagle can be configured to alert you with an on-screen message, a text message, or an email when speeding occurs. Additionally, because of StreetEagle’s open architecture, we at InSight USA can even add custom modules to tailor the software to your needs. For more information, complete the form found on our Information Request page.

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