Glossary of Terms

Commercial Vehicle Tracking

Commercial vehicle tracking services make it possible to simultaneously improve efficiency and reduce operating costs. One of the best ways to achieve this is by solving ineffective dispatching. Knowing where each member of your fleet is at all times ensures that you always send the closest vehicle to a jobsite. This can also work towards improving customer satisfaction and reducing fuel consumption at the same time.

In some businesses, vehicles have predetermined routes they must complete each day. With commercial vehicle tracking software, you can map out the quickest and most productive routes for your employees to take. Some programs also feature the ability to provide your drivers with directions. Additionally, in the event that a driver becomes lost, these routing capabilities can also be used to redirect misguided vehicles back to the right path.

Vehicle tracking also allows you to monitor vehicles to ensure that all use during company time is authorized. Some programs integrate virtual fencing technology to designate boundaries for certain vehicles in your fleet. If you’re not at the computer when an employee goes outside of this zone, you and any other members of staff can be notified of the breach via text message.

With InSight USA’s StreetEagle software, all of this and more is possible. Also available from this website is the GPS hardware that makes such tracking possible, and the subscription plans needed to host and archive the data transmitted. With so many product plans, software configurations, and GPS units available, we ask that you visit our Information Request page so we can provide you with additional details pertaining to your business’ needs.

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