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Delivery Tracking Systems

The StreetEagle Delivery Tracking System available here at InSight USA is much more than a combination of GPS hardware and software. While our software does provide everything a robust tracking program should offer, StreetEagle also integrates a number of utilities that all delivery businesses can benefit from. Using these utilities and the information collected, you can solve many industry-specific problems.

Mysteriously missed deliveries, excessive fuel consumption, and customer complaints are all the result of improper use of company vehicles. But with StreetEagle’s detailed activity reports, you can ensure that drivers are adhering to their routes. After adding customer data to the program’s database, you can view reports that outline exactly when and where a driver arrived and departed from a delivery destination.

Related to lack of adherence to delivery routes is unauthorized use of company vehicles. StreetEagle has many useful features that can help reduce such problems, such as vehicle alerts and the GeoFencing utility. The former tool can be customized to send visual, email, or text message alerts when a vehicle performs one of many events, such as speeding or idling. The latter can be used to designate zones that delivery vehicles can’t venture outside of without triggering an alarm.

In addition to the StreetEagle software, we at InSight USA have also developed the StreetEagle VTU tracking device for the all-digital CDMA 1XRTT network. Realizing our customers have varying needs, we also have an array of other devices supporting the GPRS, GSM, IDEN, and InmarsatC networks. Visit our Information Request page to tell us a bit about your business and someone will contact you shortly with further details.

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