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Fleet Monitoring

Knowing where your fleet of vehicles is at all times can go a long way towards improving productivity and efficiency. However, common GPS tracking systems update vehicle locations only four times an hour. A lot can happen during in fifteen minutes, which means a more frequently updated system is ideal for fleet tracking applications. Available here at InSight USA is StreetEagle, a software solution that can provide real-time data on your mobile workforce.

StreetEagle works in conjunction with a GPS tracker device and a server for storing and archiving the wealth of data received, both of which are also available here at InSight USA. However, we have a variety of plans and services for a wide range of industries. Depending on the needs of a particular field, the update frequency for StreetEagle can be set as high as 10 minutes or as low as two minutes, or every few seconds for public protection organizations.

Accurate location data means more accurate dispatching. StreetEagle can quickly show you which vehicle is closest to a jobsite or destination, leading to better routing, decreased fuel costs, and an overall quicker response time. For ambulances, police cars, or fire trucks, this is especially crucial. However, promptness is just as important to delivery and service companies as well.

To make the fleet management process as effortless as possible, we integrated a number of customization options into StreetEagle. Custom vehicle graphics can be used instead of our stock images. Pushpin landmarks can be set, giving you quick location information at a glance. We can even integrate custom modules to suit your needs. Visit our Information Request page and schedule an online demonstration to learn more.

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