Glossary of Terms

Fleet Tracker

The perfect match to our StreetEagle vehicle tracking software and services would have to be our StreetEagle VTU tracking device. We designed this unit to be affordable enough for smaller companies on a budget, yet we didn’t compromise in terms of features. Integrated into the device is a crash box data recorder and three discrete inputs for monitoring vehicle events. The StreetEagle VTU works with the CDMA 1XRTT network, which is one of the most popular cellular networks in the United States.

For rougher, more demanding applications, the Sierra Wireless MP555 GPS tracking unit may be preferable. This particular model passed the U.S. Military’s vibration, shock, humidity, and splash tests, making it ideal for public protection agencies. Like our StreetEagle VTU, this trunk-mounted device also operates over CDMA 1x networks, transferring data at up to 153 Kbps.

Realizing that not all businesses will utilize the same wireless networks, we also provide options for GSM/GPRS networks. The units available here at InSight USA include Enfora’s Spider MT-G and Spider MTG-X. Both devices integrate 2.5G next generation technology, TCP/IP support for additional flexibility, and rugged exterior shells for added strength.

Additionally, we also carry an all-in-one InmarsatC modem/tracking unit. For companies outside of North America, this device will provide worldwide data and tracking reports. But these are not the only devices our StreetEagle software supports. Passive GPS units and cellular phones can also be used in conjunction with StreetEagle. To find out how, browse through our website further, or visit our Information Request page for additional details.

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