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Fleet Tracking

Tracking a mobile workforce doesn’t have to be cumbersome, even when your vehicles total 100 or more. The key to managing your fleet effectively lies in the software you use. Our StreetEagle vehicle tracking solution was designed to be powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use whether you’re tracking a single vehicle or hundreds of them. Everything you’d expect from vehicle tracking software has been incorporated into StreetEagle along with exclusive utilities.

After loading the software for the first time you may feel overwhelmed by all the data available to you, though anyone familiar with a Windows environment should grow comfortable with the system within minutes. From a drop down menu, you can choose to display one, a portion of your fleet, or all vehicles on the map. You can also choose what information should be displayed along with each vehicle, such as only a vehicle’s name, all data available, or nothing at all.

With StreetEagle’s route planner, you can easily find the most efficient route for a mobile employee to take. Start by choosing a vehicle. Next, enter in the destination address. StreetEagle will then outline on the map the exact route to take. Directions will also appear, including instructions on how long to drive and where to make turns.

The core of StreetEagle is Microsoft’s MapPoint software. Our program uses these award-winning MapPoint maps to provide you with the most accurate and detailed routing capabilities. Additionally, StreetEagle’s open architecture makes integrating the software with your existing scheduling, accounting, or dispatching programs possible. For more details, complete the form on our Information Request page for more in-depth details on our products and services.

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