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Fleet Vehicle Tracking

Equipping a mobile workforce with the technology necessary for GPS tracking may seem like an expensive undertaking. However, it doesn’t have be. This doesn’t mean compromising in terms of features or quality, either. We at InSight USA have an array of hardware options, service plans, and software packages to satisfy the needs of any size company.

For affordable fleet vehicle tracking solutions, our StreetEagle VTU tracking device is ideal. This product was designed as a mid-range unit with all the functionality of more expensive devices. The StreetEagle VTU is available directly from InSight USA either for purchase or for lease. Regardless of which option is more conducive to your budget, the StreetEagle VTU features a limited lifetime warranty for added peace of mind.

Real-time GPS tracking can provide a wealth of information about many aspects of your mobile workforce. Using this data effectively means archiving it for weeks or even months at a time. Doing so allows you to uncover payroll inaccuracies or efficiency problems and work towards alleviating them. As a result, the use of a web server to store this data is integral to in-depth vehicle tracking.

Along with the StreetEagle VTU, we at InSight USA also have a number of subscription plans for our customers, including month-to-month, unlimited, and enterprise solutions. Furthermore, we’ve also created a comprehensive utility for analyzing this data and tracking your fleet in real-time from any web-connected computer. To learn more about our StreetEagle software, its hardware counterpart, or our many other services, visit our Information Request page today to apply for further details.

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