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Fleet Vehicle Tracking Management

Countless GPS tracking services only provide current information on your fleet’s locations. However, with the StreetEagle vehicle tracking software, you can view past vehicle history reports and archive this information for future reference. A wide variety of reports can be viewed within the software, including a detailed activity report outlining all aspects of your fleet’s activities during a specified time period.

More specific and in-depth vehicle reporting is also available with StreetEagle. Additional fleet vehicle tracking management reports include geographical analysis, a stop/park report, and a speeding report. Perhaps the most unique of these reports is the geographical analysis, which allows you to view data from the perspective of a location rather than a vehicle.

StreetEagle’s stop/park and speeding reports make it possible to reduce fuel costs and insurance premiums. By uncovering which drivers regularly leave their vehicles idling, you can take the necessary steps to ensure they begin turning their engines off when making deliveries or visiting the jobsite. Additionally, with speeding reports you can increase driver accountability, which in turn lowers insurance premiums.

With one of our StreetEagle service plans, such reports will be archived on our servers for a minimum of six months. If your business has its own servers, then its up to you to decide how long this data is stored. As you can see, our StreetEagle software and service plans are very flexible and suitable for businesses and organizations of all sizes. Complete the form on our Information Request page for further details on how we at InSight USA can improve productivity and cost-efficiency within your business.

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