Glossary of Terms

GPS Asset Tracking

GPS asset tracking ensures that any deliveries to be made will arrive at their proper destinations. If a problem arises and a delivery isn’t made, GPS tracking history allows delivery companies to retrace their steps and see what went wrong. In the event that a delivery does go missing, it’s relatively easy to go back and see that the driver mistakenly delivered the package to the wrong address, for example.

Such asset tracking is made possible with the StreetEagle GPS vehicle tracking system. This flexible combination of hardware, software, and data storage gives companies control over their mobile workforce like never before. Developed with open architecture, StreetEagle can integrate with your existing software for dispatching, accounting, and delivery tracking, or it can adapt to your needs with InSight USA’s custom modules.

Ensuring deliveries make it to their destinations is one of many obstacles delivery companies contend with on a daily basis. Another is certainly excessive fuel consumption, which is especially expensive with today’s soaring gas prices. Fortunately, StreetEagle can also be used to map out the most fuel-efficient routes for your fleet. With the program’s routing capabilities, your dispatcher can suggest routes instantly based on a vehicle’s location or provide directions at the beginning of a shift.

To determine whether it’s feasible to integrate GPS tracking solutions into your delivery business, try our helpful return of investment calculator. If further assistance is needed, we can always be contacted via our Information Request form. Please take a minute to provide us with a few details about your company so we can tailor a response to your company’s unique needs.

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