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GPS Auto Tracking

The main reason to invest in GPS auto tracking technology is the added control over your mobile workforce. From any internet-connected computer, you can view in real-time where your vehicles are and what they’re doing. When away from the computer, this data is recorded and archived for future reference. However, GPS auto tracking can also bring down the day-to-day expenses that cut into your business’s bottom line.

We at InSight USA have a variety of GPS auto tracking solutions designed for a wide range of industries. These include a standard fleet tracking system for general purposes, and specific plans for delivery, public protection, waste management, private security, and limousine applications. We even created a SeaEagle version of our software, designed for our customers’ marine tracking needs.

After our GPS auto tracking services are installed, you can work towards cutting costs instantly. The software’s routing capabilities allow you to plan and relay the most cost-effective routes to your drivers. You can also view daily history reports to see which drivers leave their vehicles idling when they should be turned off. These are just two examples of the insight StreetEagle can provide, leading you to a more productive and profitable workforce.

A concern many have with GPS auto tracking is the large upfront investment some services require. At InSight USA on the other hand, you don’t have to pay a small fortune to gain the benefits GPS auto tracking can provide. We have hardware leasing options, monthly or unlimited service plans, and a try-before-you buy package as well. Explore our website further for more details, or contact us via our Information Request form for additional information.

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