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GPS Car Tracking

24 hours a day, seven days a week, taxi cabs tour our streets. Behind the scenes, things grow hectic and frustrating with inaccurate dispatching, high fuel costs, and expensive maintenance bills. But with the integration of GPS car tracking units, it’s possible to improve dispatching efficiency and reduce the unavoidable expenses associated with operating fleet of cabs.

Some GPS car tracking units update once every 15 minutes. In the taxi world, this isn’t fast enough. We at InSight USA have software configurations that update much more frequently depending on your needs. StreetEagle Basic updates once every five minutes, while StreetEagle Standard and Advanced update once every two minutes. This ensures that dispatch always knows where its cabs are located.

However, only the Standard and Advanced versions of StreetEagle provide real-time event and status monitoring. These two versions also feature integrated location data and vehicle system monitoring while the basic version does not. Additionally, the StreetEagle Basic lacks the unlimited vehicle support that the Standard and Advanced versions possess. For smaller companies (under 50 vehicles) such a restriction may not be an issue.

With the detailed reports that StreetEagle provides, you’ll be able to observe the data and uncover areas that need improvement. For instance, the reports may reveal that vehicles are idling when they should be turned off, leading to excessive fuel consumption and additional maintenance. Viewing detailed activity reports can ensure that all work reported is accurate and that vehicles were used for authorized purposes. But this only scratches the surface in terms of StreetEagle features and benefits. Contact us at InSight USA to request more information about our GPS car tracking hardware and StreetEagle software.

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