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GPS Car Tracking Systems

At one time, a limousine business could never be certain about what went on when its limos were out on the job. When GPS technology was introduced, they could begin tracking the locations of their cars. This information usually updated once every 15 minutes, giving the head office a general idea about location rather than an exact position. However, with the StreetEagle GPS car tracking system, a wide range of in-depth data about your limousine fleet can be transmitted in real-time.

A few of the problems that plague nearly all limousine services are late pick-ups and drop-offs, excessive fuel and repair costs, and unsafe driving habits. With the combination of a GPS tracking device and our StreetEagle software, instances of these setbacks suddenly become crystal clear. Knowing where your problems lie and what you can do to fix them can lead to increased profits and improved customer satisfaction.

For those who are concerned about the upfront costs of a GPS car tracking system, the idea of integrating new technology into each vehicle seems rather unappealing. We at InSight USA can bring limo tracking hardware and software within reach of all limousine companies. We have service subscription plans that don’t require expensive hardware purchases, and monthly service fees as low as $1 or less per day.

If your business currently uses a cellular phone network for communication, chances are one of our GPS tracking units supports that network. The only requirements for running the StreetEagle software are a Pentium II-powered PC and an internet connection–two things that most companies already have. Nevertheless, we encourage you to visit our Information Request page to obtain details specific to your business. We can make suggestions and guide you towards the hardware and service plan best suited to your company’s unique needs.

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