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GPS Fleet Management

Dispatching is the key to success in many industries, though it’s especially important to police, fire, and medial institutions. It’s imperative for these public protection agencies to respond as quickly and efficiently as possible to all help requests they receive. While dispatching software can be quite helpful, the integration of GPS tracking hardware can solve many industry-related problems.

Dispatching is a critical aspect of any public safety agency, though other areas are equally important. For example, unsafe driving habits can put other drivers and bystanders in jeopardy. Lack of adherence to assigned patrol areas can result in destruction of property or even death. With StreetEagle GPS fleet management software for public protection, you can ensure your mobile workforce is driving safely, using the most efficient routes, and that they’re where they should be at all times.

Public safety agencies throughout the world rely on many software solutions to handle day-to-day tasks like dispatching, accounting, and maintenance. StreetEagle was designed with open architecture, allowing it to be installed alongside your existing software, and in some cases, to work with it. Configuring our public safety service plan to your current infrastructure is certainly possible, ensuring your station functions at peak performance.

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