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GPS Fleet Management Systems

Although many companies employ GPS technology to keep track of their mobile workforces, delivery companies integrate GPS solutions to solve a wealth of industry-specific problems. These include missed pick-ups and deliveries and inaccurate fuel and mileage reporting. However, not all delivery GPS fleet management solutions are created equal.

Available here at InSight USA is an all-in-one GPS tracking system for delivery businesses of all sizes. With our StreetEagle software, monitoring pick-ups and drop-offs is effortless. Vehicles can be tracked in real-time with their movements logged, and the GPS hardware can be configured to log certain events. For delivery businesses, one option is to record whenever a truck’s rear lift is operated. Such data proves that a delivery was in fact made at its destination address.

With the same data history, you can discover ways to reduce fuel consumption. One example would be to institute a rule that requires drivers to turn their vehicles off when parked. While all employees may not follow such a rule, incentives for those that do will certainly motivate them to be more conservative with their fuel. Verifying this data is then made easy with StreetEagle’s reporting features.

Instead of relying on a generic vehicle tracking system, consider our GPS tracking package created specifically for the delivery industry. We have an array of configuration options in terms of hardware, software, and plans for hosting data collected as well. Fill out our online Information Request form, tell us a bit about your company, and we’ll contact you with further details about InSight USA and our StreetEagle delivery solutions.

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