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GPS Fleet Tracking Systems

GPS fleet tracking systems can provide a wealth of information on day-to-day mobile workforce activities. Insight into areas never before considered is suddenly available with a few clicks of the mouse. But such information is insignificant unless you know how to work with it. Doing so properly could help make your business more profitable, improve its efficiency, and make your customers happier than ever before.

The key to any successful business is keeping costs low and profits high. With GPS fleet tracking systems, you can reduce unnecessary fuel consumption and cut down on maintenance bills at the same time. Introducing a no idling policy will diminish both problems, and GPS tracking software allows you to monitor employees to ensure they’re adhering to your rules. Monitoring can be performed either manually by watching your fleet in real-time, investigating history reports, or configuring an alert to notify you whenever a vehicle is left idling.

Even with real-time and archived information at your fingertips, it’s of no use unless the GPS software provides effortless navigation and access to its features. StreetEagle was designed in this way with a low learning curve. Anyone who’s familiar with a Windows desktop environment should have no trouble navigating the program to view reports and track vehicles. Even the process of finding cost-effective routes, creating virtual boundaries, and configuring alerts is undemanding.

Nevertheless, many companies are still hesitant to invest time and money in a GPS tracking system. But with InSight USA, you can test drive GPS vehicle tracking on one vehicle for two months to familiarize yourself with our service and software before committing. Browse our website for specific details on our plans, or complete our Information Request form for further assistance.

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