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GPS Real Time Tracking

Choosing a GPS real-time tracking solution is not a task that should be approached lightly. With the right combination of hardware, software, and web-based storage, you will gain insight and increased control over your mobile workforce, leading to improved efficiency and reduced operating costs. Achieving both of these goals is relatively straightforward with such technology, but choosing the service that’s right for your business may not be.

The first question to ask yourself is “how frequently do I need updates?” This answer really depends on the industry. For instance, public protection agencies benefit from real-time tracking solutions that update as often as possible. In other situations, up-to-the-second data is not necessary. Instead, vehicle information gathered every two or five minutes is likely more than sufficient.

Next, determine how quickly you need this information. GPS tracking units are available as either passive devices that store data for retrieval at a later time, or units that integrate with existing cellular networks. The latter type makes it possible to keep tabs on your vehicles at all times, while the former provides you with history at the end of each day. For merely verifying hours worked, a passive model would be adequate. Conversely, improving dispatch efficiency would require a wireless network-capable device.

Here at InSight USA, you will find both passive and long-range wireless devices. We can also provide the storage required to hold the data collected, and the software needed to make sense of it all. With a wide range of products and services available, we encourage you to complete our Information Request form. Tell us about your requirements and we can guide you towards the hardware, software, and service plan suited to your needs and budget.

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