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GPS Real Time Vehicle Tracking

StreetEagle is one of the most comprehensive and robust GPS real-time vehicle tracking solutions there is. With our software, companies can keep track of their mobile workforces both small (just a few vehicles) and large (hundreds or even thousands of vehicles). It’s also possible to monitor speed, idle/stop status, and plan the most fuel and cost-efficient routes. Such features can reveal the areas that need fine-tuning in order to make your business more proficient and profitable.

StreetEagle can also be used to verify any inaccurate or questionable hours reported by your employees. The software features a virtual time clock report and vehicle location history map, making it possible to quickly and easily verify hours worked from any internet-connected computer. Such data can also be used to expose and eliminate any unauthorized off-hours use of company vehicles.

But StreetEagle doesn’t just provide insight into the history of your company’s day-to-day operations. StreetEagle’s real-time vehicle tracking features allow you to keep a watchful eye on employees at all times. Information about your fleet can be updated as frequently as every two minutes with StreetEagle, or up to every few seconds for public protection (police, fire, ambulance) applications.

We at InSight USA have developed a variety of StreetEagle GPS real-time vehicle tracking solutions for an array of industries, and have three different versions of our flagship product. However, we can tailor our services and software to our customers based on their unique requirements. For more details on how we can help your business, complete our Information Request form by outlining the specifics of your company and what you hope to achieve.

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