Electrical Services GPS Tracking

StreetEagle products can help you bring power to your customers faster than your competitors with improved dispatching and mobilization of your workforce.

  • Validate employee time sheets and reduce unnecessary overtime costs
  • Verify time on job sites for billing and job costing analysis
  • Improve customer satisfaction with on-time servicing
  • Dispatch closest technician to emergency service calls
  • Increase workforce productivity and complete more jobs daily with the same amount of resources
  • Reduce vehicle operating costs by eliminating vehicle idling and speeding
  • Eliminate unauthorized vehicle usage, stops, and night/weekend driving
  • Increase your insurance safety rating and reduce expensive premiums
  • Eliminate moonlighting and side jobs
  • Avoid downtime and unforeseen repairs with scheduled maintenance alerts and reports

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ServMan Software, by CubeSix, is the most powerful, flexible and easy to use solution available for operating and managing a Service-based business.