StreetEagle® LiveCam

Capturing in cab video of driver behavior to reduce accidents and improve company safety performance

LiveCam driver cameras protect your drivers, and your reputation, by delivering:

  • Accurate, real-time insight into your drivers’ behavior and adherence to safety practices
  • Access to historical video footage to analyze past driver behavior events
  • Integration with StreetEagle to view relevant video clips from multiple points in the software (reports, alerts, maps)
  • Opportunities to coach drivers using actual video footage (proven to improve driving performance)
  • A perfect complement to electronic logbooks (ELD) for safety compliance and liability protection
  • Reductions in company accidents, insurance premiums, and repair costs to boost your bottom line
  • Protection for drivers, and the entire company, from insurance risk and false accident claims

StreetEagle LiveCam provides accurate visibility into driver behavior events for improved coaching and employee protection.

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