myScore® Driver
Safety Solution

Web-based driver performance evaluation, gamification and coaching – always accessible, accurate and fully automated.

myScore is a set of interactive tools that deliver precise driving data directly to employees (and their supervisors).

Compare individual performance to other team members, or the entire group – and tap into your drivers’ natural urge to compete to improve safety practices across the board.

The SCORE tab of the app delivers a visual display (dashboard) of important driver safety metrics and assigns an individualized driver score.

The TRENDS tab reveals patterns in how your individuals and teams are driving – making it clear when there has been improvement or decline vs. set standards across a certain period of time.

The RANKING tab (coming soon) is the “gamification” element of the app, encouraging competition between your drivers in safety performance improvements.

What are the benefits of using myScore?

For Drivers:

  • Instant visibility into safety scores and performance metrics, from anywhere

  • Awareness of violation of company safety benchmarks and policies, if applicable

  • Opportunity to work on improving problem areas before a review is necessary

Supervisors can coach drivers with accurate data in real time

For Managers:

  • Convenient way to review and coach drivers using a clear graphical interface

  • Teaching aid for safety supervisors

  • HR performance assessment tool

  • Pinpoint specific necessary needs for improvement

  • Set benchmarks for company safety standards

myScore was designed to help create a “culture of safety” within your organization.

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