Channel Partners

Solutions are Now Essential

Accountability of mobile employees and assets is no longer optional – it’s essential in today’s economy. StreetEagle GPS Tracking saves business owners 15% in operating costs on average. With a typical return on investment in less than three months, StreetEagle provides the real-time business intelligence your customers need to easily:

  • Verify Payroll hours and Overtime
  • Ensure Proof of Service
  • Eliminate Side Jobs and Unnecessary Vehicle Use
  • Cut Vehicle Operating and Fuel Expenses
  • Record Setting Market Potential

It’s estimated that less than 25% of fleet-based organizations in the US are currently using GPS tracking to manage their mobile workforce. Now more than ever, adoption of GPS tracking is accelerating as economic pressures strain commercial and government organizations. StreetEagle lends an excellent opportunity to provide exceptional value and build long-term customer relationships.


  • GPS Vehicle & Asset Tracking Solutions
  • Over 20 different products available for resale and distribution
  • Solutions for virtually any requirement
  • Comprehensive service plans to meet your customers every need
  • Lifetime warranty on all products


  • Significant short term and long term revenues
  • Zero overhead. StreetEagle provides first line billing and support, free of cost
  • Keep focus on what is important – sales, marketing, and your customer relationships
  • 95% Customer retention helps to extend profits beyond the standard contract term


  • Dedicated sales support for channel partners – on-call, online, and/or on-site 24/7 Customer Support
  • Comprehensive manuals, videos, and training collateral for customer assistance 24/7 installer support – on-call and online
  • Channel partner product and sales training online and/or on-site