InSight Mobile Data Announces New FMCSA ELD Certification for the StreetEagle Compliance Tablet

California, MD (PRUnderground) November 7th, 2017

(CALIFORNIA, MD) – InSight Mobile Data, Inc., a leading provider of Mobile Resource Management (MRM) tools for companies of all sizes, announced today that its StreetEagle ELD solution running on the SE Compliance Tablet is now certified with the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration). This announcement comes on the heels of the recent FMCSA certification of their flagship SE Utility Tablet for ELD compliance.

The SE Compliance Tablet is an all-in-one, plug-and-play lower cost solution for compliance.

The latest solution from InSight takes simplicity to a new level: the ECM connection, telematics device and rugged 7” input tablet is installed in the vehicle cab as one, complete unit. This makes device selection and installation easy and straight-forward.n

“We introduced our SE Utility Tablet last year in response to our customers who needed help with deploying mobility solutions – Mobile Time Keeping, Dispatch, Custom Forms, Messaging, and, most recently ELD” said Doug Hawley, InSight COO. “But many of our customers asked for something more basic, designed specifically to meet the FMCSA ELD requirements – and oh, by the way, at a lower price point. The Compliance tablet is an ideal product and service to meet this demand.”

Like the SE Utility Tablet, the solution is “all-in-one,” complete with a built-in connection to the vehicle’s ECM, software to collect, interpret and populate the HoS and DVIR data required and a ruggedized 7” tablet with the same StreetEagle ELD software for drivers to manage their daily activities. The hardware configuration is complete with a cradle (with connections for both data and power), a Verizon data plan, mounting system and protective case. The FMCSA certified StreetEagle ELD software is identical to the software that runs on the SE Utility Tablet and on Android BYOD devices and includes Fuel Management, IFTA data and more – all for one low monthly fee.

StreetEagle ELD is built for drivers with a driver-friendly interface designed to make life easier in many work situations, both in the cab while driving and out of the cab for DVIR. Compliance is made easy with audible and on-screen notifications for available driving hours, breaks and DVIR requirements along with the added benefits of fuel management, automated IFTA data collection, industry-specific Rule sets and a version for Spanish speaking workers. Back at the office, the solution provides a comprehensive backend system for Fleet Managers, Safety Managers and Dispatchers including: real-time views of individual driver HoS statuses, multiple alerts for identifying potential violations and a full suite of compliance specific reports.

“We knew that we had a lot of customers that needed a simple solution just for compliance,” said Chris Eller, Director of Product Development for InSight. “Our engineering team built just what they asked for with the Compliance Tablet. It meets all the FMSCA technical requirements for ELD, has a few nice bells and whistles for drivers and fleet managers alike, and it is a breeze to deploy.”

About InSight Mobile Data

InSight Mobile Data develops innovative, flexible fleet management, asset tracking and mobility solutions that provide real-time visibility into the mobile work environment. For nearly 20 years, InSight has remained independently operated and employee-owned to preserve a uniquely close and collaborative relationship with our customers, designing customized solutions to meet specific business needs. Our StreetEagle® solutions platform provides the ability to capture, analyze and integrate mission-critical data from ALL mobile assets – vehicles, equipment and workers – in one fully configurable and user-friendly platform.