Brian’s Plumbing Case Study

About the Company

Company: Brian's Plumbing, Inc.
Industry: Service and Installation
Fleet Size: 12

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Brian’s Plumbing specializes in plumbing and heating services and has both commercial and residential customers. Founded in 1984, the company started with only one vehicle and as grown to a fleet of twelve. The company is best known for providing outstanding customer service and has a high customer retention rate.

Business Challenge

The company was faced with finding an unobtrusive way of measuring the fleet’s activities and increasing profitability. Challenges that the company faced included:

  • Inefficient Dispatching: Without having accurate locations for jobs, employees were spending an inad-equate amount of time driving instead of billable hours on the job.
  • High Fuel Costs: The combination of excessive idling, inaccurate routing, and rising fuel costs were having a staggering impact on the bottom line.
  • Lack of Accountability: Without being able to visibly track their drivers, the company had to rely that all drivers were where they needed to be, for the right amount of time.

Brian’s Plumbing Knew that a GPS vehicle tracking system could help them solve most of their fleet management issues. The company had purchased a GPS vehicle tracking system previously but had disappointing results. The equipment became obsolete in only a few years and the company lost a substantial amount of money.


When Brian’s Plumbing approached InSight, they were hesitant to “buy” another GPS vehicle tracking system. However, as the company researched the StreetEagle vehicle tracking solution, they were not only impressed by the system’s capabilities but also by the flexible pricing and plans available. InSight provided the option of leasing the equipment and customizing a plan that fit the company’s specific needs. This significantly minimized the com¬pany’s initial reluctance.

The initial software presentation proved that they were dealing with a know¬ledgeable, experienced and professional vehicle tracking company that was interested in providing them with a GPS system that would address the specific business challenges facing Brian’s Plumbing.

They quickly grew confident in Street-Eagle and moved forward with the solution. The equipment was easy to install in all the company’s vehicles. The equipment was unobtrusive and once it was installed, it was “out of sight, out of mind”.

StreetEagle’s tamper resistant, reliable hardware had all the requirements Brian’s plumbing was looking for. The plumbers appreciated having a GPS vehicle tracking system as well. Street- Eagle allows the plumbers to substantiate the time spent at a customer’s home and on the road. Plus, the comprehensive reports help to solve any disputes that may arise. Tangible benefits for Brian’s Plumbing include:

  • Improvement in the utilization of vehicles and productivity of employees, and con-sequent reduction in the total resources and assets that need to be managed
  • Streamlining of routes, elimination of wasted miles driven, fuel cost savings
  • Improved maintenance schedule based on miles/ operating hours data and elim¬ination of costs due to poor equipment maintenance.
  • Ability to bill a customer based on usage (miles driven/accumulated operating hours) Ability to analyze and leverage historical fleet activity data for a variety of purposes from route optimization to elimination of fraudulent claims.
  • Increased customer satisfaction, increased fleet availability and ability to project a professional image.

The bottom line for Brian’s Plumbing was that StreetEagle moved the business to a whole new level of thinking. Although the system helped to measure the in-efficiencies that were occurring in the field the company soon realized that the information that was provided in the management reports was where the real value lies.


"The initial presentation by internet and phone indicated you had a sense of humor and sincerely wanted to provide a GPS system that would fit our needs. Your experience and knowledge of GPS tracking were immediately evident to us. We quickly gained confidence to move forward with StreetEagle. Your follow through by e-mail and phone was just the kind of support we needed to transition over to Insight. You were right, we love our new StreetEagle GPS system."

- Brian K. Walswer, President

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