Cali Carting Case Study

About the Company

Company: Cali Carting Inc.
Industry: Solid Waste/Hauling
Fleet Size: 40+

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Leveraging Technology to Deliver First-Class Service and Savings to Customers

Over the course of three decades, Cali Carting Inc. (a family-owned and operated hauling company based in Kearny, NJ) has earned a reputation for personalized service and professional competence across residential, industrial and municipal markets. Their success has grown along with their organization, which includes over 100 employees and a fleet of 40+ trucks. In 2013, Cali Carting was ranked #66 in Waste Age magazine’s list of the Top 100 Largest Solid Waste Firms.

With a service area encompassing the entire state of New Jersey and 11 municipal contracts covering over 200,000 residents, Cali can’t afford the damages to reputation that poor service, unsafe driving or simply being behind with the latest technologies can incur. That’s why they’ve made an investment in vehicle and asset technology, and chosen InSight Mobile Data’s StreetEagle solutions platform to help them monitor and manage their vehicles and other mobile assets that are critical to their mission.

John F. Cali III, Operations Manager, explained that Cali’s commitment to personalized customer service aligned well with InSight’s approach to helping businesses work more efficiently: “InSight offers a highly effective product, qualified installers to help get you up and running and a personal level of service that goes well beyond mere check-ins every now and then. Having an actual person who takes care of our account is a huge deal and InSight does a terrific job of that.”

Business Challenges

With the waste and hauling industry being as competitive as it is, Cali needs to keep its edge in three distinct areas: quality service; timeliness; and trustworthiness/reliability. The “trust factor,” as Cali put it, is critically important. “Just telling customers you’re going to be there, and then not showing up on time or missing a pickup, is completely unacceptable in this business,” he said. “We’ve got to be exactly where we say we’re going to be, and do it consistently, day after day, month after month – and we use technology to help us ensure that.”

There are several business challenges that Cali wanted to address using GPS tracking technology:

  • Service Verification: Without an effective way to verify where vehicles have been and when throughout the workday, Cali had no way to defend themselves if their services got challenged.
  • Routing Efficiency: With multiple drivers handling multiple routes all over the state, the potential for missing or being late to pickups is monumental. Cali needed an efficient and automated way to plan and manage routes in order to maximize the number of pickups per day and make sure every customer was being taken care of in the most productive manner.
  • Flexibility and Responsiveness: A point of pride, and distinct competitive edge, for Cali Carting has always been delivering same-day service if and when possible. But to do so, they need an automated and reliable way to add spontaneous and call-in jobs to already set schedules.
  • Overtime Monitoring: Since labor is Cali’s number one overall expense, keeping tabs on work hours and making sure overtime pay is kept to a reasonable level is a necessity – but handling that manually is both time-consuming and very often inaccurate.
  • Maintenance Management: Maintenance of company vehicles is performed according to engine hours, so a technological solution to tracking and managing vehicle maintenance was an essential need for this incredibly busy carting operation.

The Solution: StreetEagle GPS Tracking with Route Optimization and Maintenance Management

The comprehensive list of features, personalized service and technological expertise made InSight Mobile Data an easy choice for Cali Carting. Cali specifically appreciates having an account manager whom he knows personally and can be counted on to meet face to face if there are any concerns.

“When we give feedback to the folks at InSight, they listen to what we have to say and that’s something we definitely appreciate. InSight listens to their customers and constantly improves their product, and we’ve seen that consistently with them,” Cali noted.

Among other features of the InSight solution that Cali appreciates are PTO monitoring and the routing optimization features. By installing PTO switches on their trucks, they are able to monitor when their vehicles are engaged while at a customer location, so service can be verified. And the route optimization has proven to be a major source of cost savings for them: “Many drivers were making navigational errors, driving on high traffic roads at certain key times or simply not going through certain neighborhoods in an efficient manner. By automating the routing, we’re able to save significant costs on fuel usage, as well as reduce wear and tear on our vehicles,” Cali said.

The bottom-line benefits Cali Carting receives from their partnership with InSight are clear:

  • Service verification to prove work done and respond to customer complaints
  • Significantly reduced fuel and vehicle maintenance costs
  • Ability to deliver same-day service, even with last-minute jobs added in
  • Safer and more efficient driving
  • Vehicle monitoring, maintenance management and route optimization in one integrated software package


“InSight offers a highly effective product, qualified installers to help get you up and running and a personal level of service that goes well beyond mere check-ins every now and then. They listen to their customers and are constantly improving their product, and we’ve seen that consistently with them.”

- John Cali III, Service Manager

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