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Company: On Time Ambulance
Industry: Emergency Medical Services
Fleet Size: 135

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Utilizing Driver Performance Data to Motivate Company-wide Success

Brian Rowe, Director of Finance and High Performance Initiatives for On Time Ambulance Inc., is excited about how his organization has utilized technology to improve safety, efficiency and customer satisfaction. Working with technology partners like InSight Mobile Data, On Time has been able to radically reduce their worker’s comp and overall insurance costs, improve the overall driving record of his fleet and integrate multiple software applications for increased process efficiency.

But Rowe doesn’t want to stop there. “There’s still so much we feel we can be doing to improve operations using this technology,” he said in a recent interview. “But that’s one thing we’ve really appreciated about InSight – they’ve been responsive to that. They listen to our input and sometimes they improve their own technology because of it. And that’s the mark of a strong partnership.”

Rapid Growth Through Forward Thinking

On Time Ambulance Inc. has been in operation since 1998, offering non-emergency and 911 medical transport services to all of New Jersey as well as throughout the NY/NJ/CT tri-state area. They’ve grown over the course of 15+ years to encompass 250 employees (including 180 field staff) and a fleet of 135 vehicles, and have expanded their services to include wheelchair van, adult day care and pediatric day care transport.

When they first started using real-time mobile resource technology, it was for tracking ambulance locations and giving their customers ETA’s only – but they quickly realized that monitoring important vehicle functions was critical to improving medical transport operations. And one of the most important functions to track, in terms of impact on the bottom line, was driver behavior.

“Nothing hurts our operation more, financially and otherwise, than accidents,” Rowe explained. “The expense to us is astronomical – in insurance, in lost work hours and in vehicle repairs. We knew we had to get a handle on it in a big way – and that, more than anything, led us to InSight.”

According to Rowe, the decision to partner with InSight was made because of four factors:

  • Insight’s API data exchange partnerships with high-performance back office applications (CAD, MDT, billing, maintenance)
  • InSight had recently developed a powerful set of driver behavior monitoring tools
  • They were willing to solicit input from On Time to make those tools more effective for EMS operations
  • InSight had a program in place to replace (without charge) any GPS hardware that become obsolete due to changes in the wireless communications infrastructure

“Toning it Down” and Sharing in Success

On Time uses InSight’s technology platform to monitor and measure driving performance in several ways:

  • Onboard iButtons, paired with key fobs, allow drivers to login from the vehicle, so that individual performance can be tracked
  • In-vehicle buzzers are installed on dashboards and connected directly to the engine, so that drivers can be warned with an alarm on the spot when they are braking too hard, accelerating, taking a corner too sharply, etc.
  • A KPI Dashboard displays important metrics like speeding, idling and driver behavior violations in real-time, and helps managers to identify employees who need coaching
  • Fleet Scorecard Reports that compile posted speed violations, idling, drive time and driver behavior events to rank driving performance and identify worst offenders

Then Rowe and his colleagues realized they could take these capabilities and build a whole internal campaign around them, to motivate employees to not only improve their own driving safety and efficiency, but to understand these efforts in the larger context of the company’s success. In this way, On Time Ambulance’s unique “Tone It Down” program was born.

The implementation of InSight’s solution has been coupled with driver training, so that On Time’s employees understand not only how the technology works, but also how the program fits into the company’s goals for efficiency and service. “We’re a company that strives to share our successes with everyone in the organization,” Rowe said, “so giving incentives to those who improve their driving safety score was a natural fit, because it saves us so much – not only on insurance, but also on brake pads, tires and general vehicle wear and tear.”

On Time supervisors carry iPads in the field to access the safety performance metrics provided by InSight using the tablets. They share with individual drivers the data that is being collected and are then able to coach those who are hearing that in-vehicle buzzer sound just a bit too often. “We’ve even made bumper stickers with the ‘Tone It Down’ slogan on them to share with employees, so the mantra is everywhere. InSight has really helped us to make driver safety improvement not just possible, but part of our company culture.”

Other Important Benefits that the InSight Solution Brings to OnTime are:

  • More efficient dispatching – by integrating AVL and mobile MDT’s with their back office, On Time drivers and crews can update dispatchers in real-time of their timestamp status, allow dispatchers to send call and transport information for automated driver navigation, and view real-time vehicle locations in their Zoll CAD.
  • Integration with back office systems – On Time is able to access InSight’s API to integrate software applications across their organization to increase operational efficiency and productivity.

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