Roto Rooter Case Study

About the Company

Company: Roto-Rooter
Industry: Plumbing
Fleet Size: 25

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Business Challenge

The company is a trusted residential and commercial plumbing and drain service provider that prides themselves on excellent customer satisfaction and expert service. As their fleet grew larger, a need for an efficient way to locate, dispatch, and monitor their mobile workforce was critical to their daily operations. Challenges the company faced included:

  • Technician Accountability Roto¬Rooter was relying on their tech n-icians to log their time and activity each day; job time, timecards, and overtime. Without a way to accurately verify their technicians’ time spent on the jobsite, they were blindly putting their trust in the technicians’ hands for billable hours, time on the road, and overtime hours.
  • Unauthorized Vehicle Usage Management was concerned about the unauthorized use of company vehicles during the work day, after work hours, and personal use on the weekends.
  • Dispatching Management was spending an excessive amount of time locating the closest technician to job-sites, relying on the technicians to provide accurate location and status information throughout the day.

Roto-Rooter knew they needed a GPS Tracking solution that would address these challenges and fit their specific needs in order to improve overall productivity and accountability.


Roto-Rooter of Delmarva evaluated many GPS Tracking companies; they decided to go with StreetEagle Professional due to its extensive reporting options, instant alerts, and enhanced mapping. They were impressed with the features that were specifically designed to help improve their daily workforce management. Using StreetEagle Professional, Roto¬Rooter was able to quickly:

  • Improve Technician Productivity Street- Eagle allowed Roto-Rooter to monitor their fleet in real-time, making it much easier to locate the closest technician to a job. In turn, this provided them with the ability to increase the number of service calls assigned to each technician each day.
  • Eliminate Unnecessary Operating Costs With StreetEagle, Roto-Rooter was able to monitor their technicians’ driving habits and reduce vehicle expenses by eliminating excessive idling and speeding. They were also able to validate usage of company vehicles after hours and eliminate unauthorized personal use. Roto-Rooter’s fuel costs were significantly reduced as a result.
  • Settle Customer Complaints Providing “Proof of Service” with StreetEagle Management Reports has allowed Roto¬Rooter to accurately verify billable time to the customer. Technicians quickly realized that StreetEagle was also a tool to protect them from false customer billing disputes.
  • Reduce Overtime Costs With Street¬Eagle’s Virtual Time-Clock Reports, Roto¬Rooter was able to verify and validate employee timecards. Soon after installing StreetEagle, Roto-Rooter saw a huge reduction in overtime costs.

In the first year using StreetEagle Professional, Roto-Rooter was able to save over $100,000 in overtime costs and vehicle operating expenses. Roto¬Rooter has been using StreetEagle Professional for over 8 years now, and has continued to thrive as the preferred plumbing & septic service company in the Delmarva region.


"Our decision purchase the StreetEagle GPS Tracking system for our company vehicles allowed us to have a virtual window into our company and the daily operations of our technicians. We have the capabilities needed to monitor our services to ultimately increase our overall profits."

- Shane Johnson, Vice President

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