5 Important Questions to Ask About EMS Operations Software

Paramedics unloading patient from ambulance 5 Important Questions to Ask About EMS Operations Software


The right operations management software can help an EMS company boost performance in key areas—while saving money. But will your software solution meet all of your needs in reporting and data security? Will your vendor offer the training and support you need? Will it all scale with your organization?

Here are 5 smart questions to ask about EMS operations software—and how to get the answers you need.


Owner-Operator Using ELDs Finds Operational Benefits


Longtime owner-operator Gary Buchs has been using an electronic logging device (ELD) for more than three years—and reports he’s happy to have an ELD for several reasons, including:

  • “The security of knowing I’m legal”—and never needing to worry about an inspection
  • “The ELD frees you up to focus on other things”—like finding profitable loads
  • “On a paper log you’re always looking backward” and catching up—“On an ELD, you’re looking forward”

Read more about Buchs’ experience with ELDs.

How Mobility Replaces Inefficient Processes

Apps Tech News

Are you thinking about how you’re going to deploy mobile technology to your workforce? This article examines how you can get end users on board by focusing on their pain points—and getting the functionality, training, and support you need.

White paper:
Why is Integration Essential for Today’s EMS Operation?

Most EMS operations are using some form of location-based technology to monitor their ambulances, but empowering dispatchers, EMS crews and managers to work from the same data at the same time continues to be a challenge. But solutions are emerging that are able to integrate essential EMS functions – AVL, billing, driver behavior monitoring and CAD – in one complete package. This white paper examines why integration is essential for EMS operations and what capabilities companies should be looking for in an operational software partner.

Why Apps are “Game Changers” for Mobile Workforces

why-apps-are-game-changers-for-mobile-workforces-insight-mobile-data-item-1-300Mobile Apps Are the Future for Mobile Workforces

Fleet Owner

Managers and drivers both need to embrace the use of mobile apps, because the trucking industry depends on mobility—not only for drivers and vehicles, but information too.

Mobile apps make it easy for drivers to contact their office, accurately log Hours of Service, and access maps or other resources from the road—eliminating costly downtime and communications errors.

This in-depth article offers multiple perspectives on how apps are shaping the future for mobile workforces.

why-apps-are-game-changers-for-mobile-workforces-insight-mobile-data-item-2-960-540The Link Between Data and Driver Retention

CCJ Digital

Companies that have embraced mobile technology are using their edge in productivity and efficiency to get ahead. But the organizations that are truly leading the field are the ones looking at the “human side” of tech deployment.

Taking employees’ questions, concerns, and experience into account helps avoid resistance to new devices or applications—and maximizes the benefits in terms of recruiting, retaining, and getting the best performance from your workforce.

[Video] A Complete Solution for Mobile Forms

InSight Mobile Data

Take the paper forms that your workers are already using and make them available in a digital format on any mobile device.

Watch this two-minute video from InSight Mobile Data to learn how the StreetEagle platform makes it easy.

why-apps-are-game-changers-for-mobile-workforces-insight-mobile-data-item-4-1920-1080Advice from Industry Experts on Finding the Right Mobile Device

Field Technologies Online

As mobile devices and apps proliferate in trucking and field service businesses, it’s increasingly clear that this technology is here to stay. Do you know the best option for your company?

Get advice and opinions from three industry experts in this helpful primer for business considering deploying mobile devices.

Connected Vehicles and the Future of Fleet Safety

connected-vehicles-and-the-future-of-fleet-safety-insight-mobile-data-item-2-960-1080Ambulance Safety: Signs of Progress

EMS World

The EMS industry is taking a big step forward in improving the safety of ambulances. New technologies enable unprecedented connectivity between fleet managers, dispatchers, and ambulance crews—helping to shave critical moments off response times and ensuring that safety issues are diagnosed and addressed in real time.

Learn how smart, connected ambulances are improving safety, efficiency, and overall performance in EMS.

connected-vehicles-and-the-future-of-fleet-safety-insight-mobile-data-item-3-1920-1080Four Successful Strategies to Cut Fleet Costs

Fleet Financials

Looking for smart ways to cut costs while improving your fleet operations?

See how your peers are tackling this challenge with the top four cost-cutting recommendations from fleet managers, including a flexible approach to standardizing fleet processes and the importance of goal-based initiatives.

connected-vehicles-and-the-future-of-fleet-safety-insight-mobile-data-item-1-1920-1080Wait, What? City Ambulances Don’t Have Navigation Systems?

New York Post

Incredibly, ambulance drivers in New York City still primarily rely on paper maps to respond to their calls – but municipal authorities say they want crews to begin using GPS navigation systems next year.

Find out how NYC ambulances are implementing real-time location technology – and why these tools are so critical to improving performance.

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Creating a Culture of Safety on Job Sites

creating-a-culture-of-safety-on-job-sites-insight-mobile-data-item-1-300-169Reining in Risk

Construction Equipment

Theft and on-the-job accidents are major risks at job sites, but technology is providing new tools that can help keep workers and equipment safe.

This article explains how to create a culture of safety using the latest mobile resource management tools.

creating-a-culture-of-safety-on-job-sites-insight-mobile-data-item-2-620-349Alert: FMCSA Actions Emphasize Risks of Non-Compliance

Commercial Carrier Journal

Two recent FMCSA investigations triggered by a pair of fatal accidents have resulted in a carrier being shut down and a truck driver placed out-of-service.

Find out how better driver monitoring could have revealed early warning signs.

creating-a-culture-of-safety-on-job-sites-insight-mobile-data-item-3-1920-1080Top 10 Benefits of Construction Equipment Telematics


Learn how new technologies are driving improved safety, efficiency, and productivity at construction sites, with benefits such as:

  • Increased asset utilization
  • Optimized maintenance scheduling
  • And more

creating-a-culture-of-safety-on-job-sites-with-street-eagle-app-insight-mobile-data-item-4-300-375Every Asset at Your Command, from Anywhere

As businesses continue to “go mobile” and customers look to extend the visibility and real-time intelligence of StreetEagle into the field, we’ve responded with a redesigned and expanded StreetEagle Mobile app.

Optimized for any sized device, the new app extends the capabilities of the StreetEagle tracking solutions platform into the field, where service and responsiveness separates you from your competition. Read more about the app on both the Google Play and Apple stores.

87% Admit to Unsafe Driving; What’s the Cost to Your Business?

unsafe-driving-what-cost-to-your-business-insight-mobile-data-item-1-960-54087% of Drivers Engage in Unsafe Behaviors Behind the Wheel

AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety

Recent research finds that nearly 9 in 10 drivers admit to engaging in unsafe behaviors such as:

  • Distracted driving (a factor in at least 3,000 deaths per year)
  • Speeding (a factor in approximately 10,000 deaths per year)
  • Running red lights (a factor in 700 deaths and 127,000 injuries)

View AAA’s analysis of the results to learn more about the impact of unsafe driving and the importance of addressing dangerous behavior.

[Video] The Single-Platform Approach to Mobile Resource Management

InSight Mobile Data

This brief video explains the compelling benefits of using one software platform for tracking, routing, driver safety monitoring, custom forms technology and more.

the-mobile-technician-the-evolution-of-the-connection-white-paper-thumbnail-insight-mobile-data-item-3-480-622“Improved Service” is #1 Reason for Adopting Mobile Technology

Aberdeen Group

A new research report examines how leading field service providers are utilizing mobile technology—and how they are benefiting as a result, in areas such as:

  • Meeting customers’ demands for better, more timely service
  • Increasing first-time fix rate (up to 81%)
  • Improving performance in worker utilization (up to 74%)
  • Providing service techs with real-time access to work-related information

Read the report to learn more.

unsafe-driving-what-cost-to-your-business-insight-mobile-data-item-4-500-500Employee Empowerment: The Key to Enterprise Mobility Adoption

Enterprise Apps Tech

To translate a deployment of mobile technology into improvements in productivity and efficiency, companies should focus on how specific devices or applications will make employees’ lives easier.

This article takes a closer look at how to engage employees in mobility initiatives.

Workforce Mobility: An Opportunity to Increase Revenue

workforce-mobility-an-opportunity-to-increase-revenue-insight-mobile-data-item-1-1920-1080Is 2016 the Year Field Service Doubles Down on Revenue with Mobile Tool?

Field Service Digital

Recent research from the Service Council indicates that although more organizations are deploying mobile apps and devices, many of them are failing to use these tools to improve collaboration, service resolution, parts and inventory management.

One surprising example: average field technicians are still spending nearly 20% of their time on paperwork.

For more on the findings…

workforce-mobility-an-opportunity-to-increase-revenue-insight-mobile-data-item-2-1920-1080[Infographic] The Bottom-Line Benefits of Embracing Mobility

InSight Mobile Data

Paper-based processes may cost more than you realize. Find out how mobile technology improves key performance indicators such as:

  • First-time fix rate
  • SLA compliance Customer retention

workforce-mobility-an-opportunity-to-increase-revenue-insight-mobile-data-item-3-1920-1080A Call to Action: The Metamorphosis of Fleet Management into Workforce Mobility Management

Fleet Management Weekly

Mobile technology is creating new opportunities to increase driver safety and maximize revenue generation. But how successfully are organizations managing the implementation of this game-changing technology?

This article looks at why companies need to decide who is in charge of mobility.

workforce-mobility-an-opportunity-to-increase-revenue-insight-mobile-data-item-4-1920-1080Data Analysis is Lowering Fleet Costs

Trucking Info

How much can you save annually in operations costs by analyzing fleet data? At least $4,000 per truck, according to more than 25% of respondents to a recent survey.

Read the article to find out:

  • Where analytics produce the highest ROI
  • Fleet managers’ five-year plans for investing in mobility

world-of-asphalt-2016-logo-insight-mobile-data-item-5-247-149InSight on the Road: Nashville

InSight Mobile Data

InSight will be attending the World of Asphalt Show and Conference in Nashville, TN from March 22-24. If you’re involved in the asphalt industry and have plans to attend the show, consider this your invitation to stop by Booth #2966 and say hello. We look forward to seeing you there!

Preparing Your Team for the ELD Mandate

fmcsa-newsletter-item-1-insight-mobile-data[NEW] Interstate Truck Driver’s Guide to Hours of Service


This recently released guide from the FMCSA offers a comprehensive overview of everything drivers need to know about Hours of Service regulations—including details of the upcoming ELD mandate.

fmcsa-newsletter-item-2-insight-mobile-dataLet the E-Log Countdown Begin

Commercial Carrier Journal 

A brief article reviewing the final version of the new FMCSA rule published in December, which mandates that drivers begin using electronic logging devices by 2017.

With the compliance deadline finally set and coming up fast, it’s essential for organizations to start preparing for the ELD mandate.

fmsca-regulations-newsletter-item-2-insight-mobile-data-1920-1080Veteran Trucker on ELD Rule: “Don’t Freak Out, Man”


Amid all the fear and uncertainty surrounding the ELD rule, one industry veteran is giving her colleagues some simple advice: don’t panic.

Read the article from Wendy Parker, veteran trucker and columnist for Overdrive magazine.

fmcsa-hours-of-service-regulations-infographic-insight-mobile-data-thumbnail-1920-3796The New Hours of Service Regulations: What They Are and How to Comply

InSight Mobile Data
This comprehensive infographic examines several key aspects of the Hours of Service regulations, including the coming ELD mandate. Use it to:

  • Review basic HOS and ELD requirements
  • Learn about the costs of non-compliance
  • Effectively promote safe driving habits

wwett-logo-insight-mobile-data-300Come See Us in Indianapolis!

Once again InSight Mobile Data will be exhibiting at the Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport Show (WWETT) at the Indiana Convention Center in downtown Indianapolis from February 18-20. If you’re involved in the waste industry and are attending the show, you should definitely stop by Booth #2341 and say hello. We hope to see you there!

7 ways mobile technology improves fleet performance

Fleets Get Smart With Mobile Technology2014-01-eNews-offer-2

Fleet News

A recent online poll conducted by Fleet News found that almost 50% of respondents plan to begin or already are using mobile technology to manage company vehicles.

The article outlines seven areas in which mobile technology improves fleet performance, and offers three case studies detailing how different fleets have benefited from this technology.

Chances are, if your fleet hasn’t embraced mobile technology yet, many of your competitors have.

2014-04-offer4Making the Most of Driver Apps

Commercial Carrier Journal

This article takes a detailed look at the benefits of sharing information instantly between mobile workers and the office, with an emphasis on features that replace paper-based workflows (digital forms, signatures, integrated payment processes, etc.).

How Fleet Size Dictates Telematics Needs2014-02-eNews-offer-3

Automotive Fleet

A recent survey examines what fleet managers see as the most compelling reasons to implement fleet management technology.

Read more to see how fleets of different sizes ranked factors such as:

  • Ease of use
  • Service and support
  • Cost and ROI


Fleet Management: Upcoming Trends for 2015

14306462Fleet Managers Learning to Depend on Cloud Technology

Automotive Fleet

With data securely stored in the cloud, Fleet managers have the ability to access, add or remove resources 24/7 from any PC, smartphone or tablet—increasing their on-the-job agility and efficiency. This means they can monitor job-critical data no matter where they are, and make management decisions proactively, instead of reactively.


What do mobile employees want from their employers?


If you’re a CIO or other C-suite executive looking for ways to incentivize your mobile workers, take note: your employees are looking to you for solutions that will help them be more productive and efficient while on the job.

Learn how team collaboration through mobile technology can benefit everyone in your organization.

14933505Fleet Management 2025 Forcast: It’s all about data access.

Automotive Fleet

Over the next 10-15 years mobile technology and data integration will drastically improve the ability to access fleet data easily and securely. Here are 34 top trends that will drive down fleet maintenance costs and improve employee productivity.

19291916New Report: Mobile Trends for 2015

Mobile Enterprise

The impact of mobile technologies on enterprise business models in 2015 will be profound. Mobile Enterprise’s Mobile Outlook predicts 50% of companies will increase spending on mobile solutions, in part because employees report that they would be more productive at work if they had access to their personal devices.

[FREE REPORT] Empowering the Mobile Worker with Real-Time Insight and Data Integration

2014-12-offer1Aberdeen Group

Companies that equip service technicians with mobile tools for real-time insight and back-office integration report an 83% first-time fix rate, compared to only 37% by other companies, new research shows.

Download this free report to see how mobile technology also improved customer retention rates, workforce productivity as well as cross- and up-sell revenue.

2014-12-offer2New Trucking Mandates and Regulations—Are You Prepared?


Is your company ready and equipped to comply with new Hours of Service regulations, the electronic logging device (ELD) mandate and changes to the Compliance, Safety, Accountability Program?

Here are the top issues facing the trucking industry, according to American Transportation Research Institute’s annual survey. Compliance with these federal regulations ranks as the #1 concern.

2014-12-offer312 Telematics Trends and Technologies

Automotive Fleet

Changes in GPS technology mean it’s critical to choose a tracking solution will prepare you for future developments, such as the phase-out of 2G networks and seamless integration between mobile devices and the back office.

This valuable resource shows 12 trends and changes to help you choose the right solutions provider.

Assets-on-a-MapMove It, Don’t Lose It: Fighting Equipment Loss with Asset Tracking


Are you watching your equipment and inventory? An estimated $30 billion worth of cargo is stolen every year in the U.S., which is why asset tracking technology has become a critical tool for fleet-based companies.

Learn how real-time tracking protects companies against the loss of goods and, just as importantly, the loss of time, sales, customers and reputation.