87% Admit to Unsafe Driving; What’s the Cost to Your Business?

unsafe-driving-what-cost-to-your-business-insight-mobile-data-item-1-960-54087% of Drivers Engage in Unsafe Behaviors Behind the Wheel

AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety

Recent research finds that nearly 9 in 10 drivers admit to engaging in unsafe behaviors such as:

  • Distracted driving (a factor in at least 3,000 deaths per year)
  • Speeding (a factor in approximately 10,000 deaths per year)
  • Running red lights (a factor in 700 deaths and 127,000 injuries)

View AAA’s analysis of the results to learn more about the impact of unsafe driving and the importance of addressing dangerous behavior.

[Video] The Single-Platform Approach to Mobile Resource Management

InSight Mobile Data

This brief video explains the compelling benefits of using one software platform for tracking, routing, driver safety monitoring, custom forms technology and more.

the-mobile-technician-the-evolution-of-the-connection-white-paper-thumbnail-insight-mobile-data-item-3-480-622“Improved Service” is #1 Reason for Adopting Mobile Technology

Aberdeen Group

A new research report examines how leading field service providers are utilizing mobile technology—and how they are benefiting as a result, in areas such as:

  • Meeting customers’ demands for better, more timely service
  • Increasing first-time fix rate (up to 81%)
  • Improving performance in worker utilization (up to 74%)
  • Providing service techs with real-time access to work-related information

Read the report to learn more.

unsafe-driving-what-cost-to-your-business-insight-mobile-data-item-4-500-500Employee Empowerment: The Key to Enterprise Mobility Adoption

Enterprise Apps Tech

To translate a deployment of mobile technology into improvements in productivity and efficiency, companies should focus on how specific devices or applications will make employees’ lives easier.

This article takes a closer look at how to engage employees in mobility initiatives.