Why Apps are “Game Changers” for Mobile Workforces

why-apps-are-game-changers-for-mobile-workforces-insight-mobile-data-item-1-300Mobile Apps Are the Future for Mobile Workforces

Fleet Owner

Managers and drivers both need to embrace the use of mobile apps, because the trucking industry depends on mobility—not only for drivers and vehicles, but information too.

Mobile apps make it easy for drivers to contact their office, accurately log Hours of Service, and access maps or other resources from the road—eliminating costly downtime and communications errors.

This in-depth article offers multiple perspectives on how apps are shaping the future for mobile workforces.

why-apps-are-game-changers-for-mobile-workforces-insight-mobile-data-item-2-960-540The Link Between Data and Driver Retention

CCJ Digital

Companies that have embraced mobile technology are using their edge in productivity and efficiency to get ahead. But the organizations that are truly leading the field are the ones looking at the “human side” of tech deployment.

Taking employees’ questions, concerns, and experience into account helps avoid resistance to new devices or applications—and maximizes the benefits in terms of recruiting, retaining, and getting the best performance from your workforce.

[Video] A Complete Solution for Mobile Forms

InSight Mobile Data

Take the paper forms that your workers are already using and make them available in a digital format on any mobile device.

Watch this two-minute video from InSight Mobile Data to learn how the StreetEagle platform makes it easy.

why-apps-are-game-changers-for-mobile-workforces-insight-mobile-data-item-4-1920-1080Advice from Industry Experts on Finding the Right Mobile Device

Field Technologies Online

As mobile devices and apps proliferate in trucking and field service businesses, it’s increasingly clear that this technology is here to stay. Do you know the best option for your company?

Get advice and opinions from three industry experts in this helpful primer for business considering deploying mobile devices.