Are You Losing Money to Fuel Theft?

gas-pumpFleet fuel cards can be extremely useful for collecting critical driving efficiency data like odometer readings, purchase summaries, and cost per mile. When this data is integrated with a mobile workforce management system, fleet managers get unprecedented visibility into each driver’s fuel spending and are able to pinpoint suspicious or wasteful activity.

Learn how integrating your fleet fuel card with a location-based tracking system can slash fuel expenses.

screensIs a Lack of Mobility Hurting Your Business?

Mobile devices are rapidly becoming a keystone of great service: they empower field workers to automate once-manual tasks, reduce paperwork, make data entry unnecessary, and provide actionable visibility into field operations.

Are your field employees equipped with the mobile tools they need to keep your business running optimally? Learn how mobile devices can improve profitability and competitiveness.

moneySavings You’re Losing Without GPS Technology

There are surprise savings for users of GPS-based mobile resource management (MRM) systems. In addition to reducing fuel, mileage, and time expenditures, GPS-based technology could earn insurance discounts for companies that use them to monitor driver safety.

See more cost-cutting benefits of GPS-based fleet management technology.

vansDon’t Get Left Behind: Mobile Devices are Transforming Fleets

As the price of tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices continues to drop, adoption by fleets and other businesses is skyrocketing. In other words: fleets are using technology in ways they never have before, and the trend is only getting stronger.

Learn more about the move towards mobility and its predicted impact on fleets.