Are Your Field Workers Motivated to Deliver Value?

2014-05-item1Are Your Field Workers Motivated to Deliver Value?

Are your employees trained to drive service revenue? Are they provided the tools and technology they need to do so? Do they understand how the efficiency and quality of their service impacts the bottom line and the overall success of the company?

When employees understand and take pride in the value they can bring to your organization, they are inspired to increase their productivity and efficiency in the field.

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2014-05-item2What’s the Connection Between Improved Productivity and Safety?

Construction Executive

Construction companies are discovering that the link between improved productivity and safety is accountability. Technology that keeps tabs on assets and equipment and provides visibility into critical work functions empowers construction companies to keep pace with demand without cutting corners.

See how a fast-moving industry is using technology to improve performance without compromising on safety.

2014-05-item3How an Android App is Saving Millions in the Field

Mobile Enterprise

Safelite, the nation’s largest vehicle glass repair and replacement company, has saved millions in operational costs by developing an Android app that creates a real-time information flow for its 4,000 field technicians.

See how Safelite’s mobile workforce app optimizes job times, reduces fuel costs, and helps engage customers and field workers with real-time information.

2014-05-item410 Ways to Make the Case for Fleet Management

Automotive Fleet

Fleet managers know the value of properly managing company vehicles, but this value may not always be clear to the C-suite. It’s up to fleet managers to communicate it and get executive buy-in.

Here are 10 practical tips for communicating the value and importance of fleet management.

2014-05-item5Why the Construction Industry Is Betting on GPS Technology

Construction Executive

Nearly half of all construction companies have adopted GPSfleet tracking technology, with another 56 percent of delivery companies using the technology as well, according to a new survey.

Ninety percent of all fleet managers surveyed said it was important to have “complete insight” into fleet operations, and 84 percent said GPS tracking helped manage their fleet.

Find out why more than half of the companies surveyed believe GPS technology will be standard practice within three years.