Connected Vehicles and the Future of Fleet Safety

connected-vehicles-and-the-future-of-fleet-safety-insight-mobile-data-item-2-960-1080Ambulance Safety: Signs of Progress

EMS World

The EMS industry is taking a big step forward in improving the safety of ambulances. New technologies enable unprecedented connectivity between fleet managers, dispatchers, and ambulance crews—helping to shave critical moments off response times and ensuring that safety issues are diagnosed and addressed in real time.

Learn how smart, connected ambulances are improving safety, efficiency, and overall performance in EMS.

connected-vehicles-and-the-future-of-fleet-safety-insight-mobile-data-item-3-1920-1080Four Successful Strategies to Cut Fleet Costs

Fleet Financials

Looking for smart ways to cut costs while improving your fleet operations?

See how your peers are tackling this challenge with the top four cost-cutting recommendations from fleet managers, including a flexible approach to standardizing fleet processes and the importance of goal-based initiatives.

connected-vehicles-and-the-future-of-fleet-safety-insight-mobile-data-item-1-1920-1080Wait, What? City Ambulances Don’t Have Navigation Systems?

New York Post

Incredibly, ambulance drivers in New York City still primarily rely on paper maps to respond to their calls – but municipal authorities say they want crews to begin using GPS navigation systems next year.

Find out how NYC ambulances are implementing real-time location technology – and why these tools are so critical to improving performance.

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